Welcome to the new Government Contracting Directory!

Here are some benefits of listing your company in this new directory:

  • You'll have exposure to contracting officials, buyers, prime contractors that use the directory seeking prime contractors & sub-contractors.  
  • Since it is FREE to search, you'll have the benefit of visibility when any other searchers need your products or services.
  • You can attach your important Capability Statement directly to your listing profile along with other marketing materials, including company photos of people, products, services, buildings, etc.
  • Within some service plans, you can attach a company promo video to showcase your company, products, services and provide insight that would otherwise go unnoticed with existing government systems. (BTW:  If you need a video made, let me know. I can provide you with a referral.)
  • You can also utilize the Classified ads to promote existing or new products/services to buyers.
  • As an early adopter listing company,  it naturally means less competition in the search results.
  • The directory is national, not just local, should you want expanded your sales beyond your existing markets.


Let me address two obvious concerns:

  1. Who will access the directory to find you?
  2. Why would they use this directory over what already exists?

Response to 1. -- As founder, my role is to market the directory to government officials and primes using a variety of methods including trade shows, direct calls, emailing, literature, word of mouth, referrals, etc.  

Given my background of running a procurement center in Illinois for two years, working for a prime contractor for five years and also working over a year as a Washington State PTAC government contracting specialist, I have the knowledge, contacts, expertise and drive to make this happen!

Response to 2. -- The reason that contracting officials will want to use this directory is answered by the features it will provide them.  It will act as a hub of information about companies (like yours) that are demonstrating a legitimate interest and commitment to showcase themselves as "qualified."

Being determined as "qualified" is a key filter used by buyers when evaluating or awarding contracts.  The Government Contracting Directory allows those buyers quick access to your attached Capability Statement (which, by the way, is not available on SAM.gov, the SBA Dynamic Small Business Search database, FBO or in USA Spending, etc.).

The ability to immediately access your information saves searchers time that can be best spent in finalizing the qualifications process.

As a bonus, buyers can also view your new products and services classifieds that they otherwise would never have exposure to if it was not for their utilization of the Government Contracting Directory.

The motivation is there!
The question is... Will you be?


As we say... "Don't let your competition enjoy your absence!"


Wishing you much success!

  Wayne Wertz, Founder
Government Contracting Directory, Inc.

Please direct any questions, suggestions or ideas to us using the Contact Us page.  Thank you!