What does the "BETA" label mean? 


The term Alpha and Beta are used in software and website development to indicate the stage the software is in.

Alpha indicates that the site or software is in early conceptual stage or being displayed as a prototype with many expected revisions to occur. It may even be scrapped and never hit Beta.

Beta indicates that the site or software has come out of Alpha and is proceeding to be fully functional.  However, since it is new, such as on a new website, Beta provides a level of expectation that lets visitors/users know that there may be some bugs or functionality that may need to be fixed.  

There is no set time for any company to use or end the term.

On the Government Contracting Directory, the term Beta is being used to indicate that although the site is live and enabled for use, we expect some tweaks and code/layout modifications to be implemented in order to enhance the user experience.

We also anticipate that as the site grows with more searches and listers, that the functionality or performance may not live up to our high expectations.  We will work diligently to make necessary changes as needed.

As a user of this Beta site, we deeply appreciate your feedback regarding enhancements or problems encountered.

All feedback is a gift, and we thank you for providing it using the form located on the Contact Us page.