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COVID-19 Pandemic problems have business owners needing to find new ways to showcase products and services, we've launched to offer you the ability to be noticed by national and worldwide buyers.


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Buyers will find that this directory makes it easy to access important information on your new and existing products and services. It also makes it easy to discover qualified contractors, sub-contractors, new suppliers, company profiles, marketing materials, company videos and more.  When buyers are ready to buy, or need more information, they can message you directly from within your profile.


NOTE:  Search access is always free to buyers. This includes buyers of all types including: private individuals, companies, governmental agencies, contracting officers, medical facilities, educational institutions, as well as state/city/municipal and international purchasing agents. 



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Big News!  (a must read)


President Trump declares a National Emergency.
Business impact:  Revisons to buying rules
is good news for sellers and can speed up
the buying process.


What once may have limited buyers to a $10K limit on a small purchase order is no longer in effect. There are new abilities for buyers to make greater purchases without the normal processes.  Good news for sellers.


Backgrounder:  Given the federal government's proclamation that we are under a NATIONAL EMERGENCY, the Code of Federal Acquistion Regulations (FAR) allows discretionary INCREASES to normal purchasing ceiling limits as it relates to the Micro-Purchase Threshold, the Increase Simplified Acquisiton Threshold as well as Purchase Order-Invoice-Vouchers.  
Reference: FAR 18.201 and 18.202).  


What this indicates is that you can now sell more products or services without the previous dollar limit requirements. Federal buyers have more leeway in spending, reducing red tape. What may have once limited them on a small purchase acquisiton to $10K is no longer in place. The regulation allows increases in the purchasing power.

Strike while the iron is hot!

As you know, timing and effective marketing can make or break a business. The time is perfect for your business to become very aggressive in marketing to the government. Government buyers (federal, state, local and various agencies) have the money to spend and stimulate the economy. We encourage you to make the most of it and let them know you exist. This directory is specifically designed to affordably help you do exactly that.  

Also, if you have a unique solution, product or service, you can utilize the "Unsolicited Proposal" regulation (Reference FAR 15.6) to make yourself known.  

FAR 15.603(a) states:  "Unsolicited proposals allow unique and innovative ideas or approaches that have been developed outside the Government to be made available to Government agencies for use in accomplishment of their missions. Unsolicited proposals are offered with the intent that the Government will enter into a contract with the offeror for research and development or other efforts supporting the Government mission, and often represent a substantial investment of time and effort by the offeror."  

Don't let the competition enjoy your absence in the directory!

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BTW:  You can always come back and modify your information anytime.  We can also provide guidance to help get your company listed and answer any of your questions.



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